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A mother is someone who places your needs before hers. All your life, she has been there for you. You should realize how important you are in her life and how much she has sacrificed for your well being. Not everyone will ask whether you had food every now and then, no one will ask whether you slept properly except your mother. Right from your childhood until you become mature enough to handle yourself, she will be there right beside you, to help you get back up when you fall in your life. Later even when you grow up, she worries about your well being! No one in this world will be ready to spend their entire life, thinking about you excluding your mom. 

Every time you cry, your mom is there to wipe your tears. Every time you laugh, your mom is there to join your happiness. She has been an immovable part of your life. Your mother is the one who bought you to life, and that is an ample reason to say that she is the main motive for your success! Recall those numerous nights she kept awake herself so that she may make sure that you sleep, recall those days when you were in her lap, all safe and comfy. She has been there with you in your hard times as well as your perfect days. 

Now, she has not asked anything in return for all those days she took care of you. All your mother wants is your love, all she wants is your presence to take care of her. Even if you are an eight-year-old or a perfectly grown-up adult, you are still your mother’s world! It does not matter whether you are a very busy person or a sweet little kid, just make a call to your mom and wish her a very happy mothers day. I am sure that she will be happier than ever before. You do not need a gift ar a card to wish your mom because she will be content even to hear your voice! Happy mothers day to all mothers out there!



Mom, including all the mothers in this world, I dedicate this essay to you, my sweet mom! You have been there with me and for me, since I came to this world… Your presence always gave me joy and love mom! On this special day, I would like you to know that my love is always there for you. I shall be with you for the rest of my life… 

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