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As I, Richard Smith, write to you on this early Sunday morning, gentle sunlight floods the deck of my study. The dog is curled up at my feet, chewing satisfyingly at his toy. On the table are some novel waiting to be finished. Despite being an author, It is not surprising to me because like so many people, my days are a haze.

A few weeks ago, I had met up with a car accident. My friend, Dave was informed that my head was injured severely. I was additionally burdened with a few more wounds in my arms and legs. My wounds started to heal in a few days. However, the doctors advised that it might take some time for my head to cure as I was in a coma. Dave was briefed about my situation and the experts believed that I should recover within a week or so.

Howsoever my few weeks were, I could not remember anything that took place after the accident. Although, I remember what happened that night before the accident. As I was taking my 50th novel to the publisher, I overheard a conversation I probably should not have! I heard Dave talk about my book to the publisher.

 I did not want to continue listening to the conversation once I heard my friend saying, “…Richards books don’t have a good ending, and I don’t know why do you even publish his books?…”. I was shocked to hear this, my own friend talking nonsense about my books behind my back? At once Dave looked at me and gave a smile. Although, I did not understand how can he be so shameless!

I could not tolerate that betrayal. I took my book and ran to my car in rage and anger! It seemed like Dave was following me, but I did not bother to stop. It was raining heavily and the roads were slippery too. Though I knew it was unsafe to drive fast, I started from my office at a speed of about 80km/h. As expected, my car slipped and crashed on to a bridge. I got a hard hit on my head and I fell unconscious!

I woke up almost after two weeks and the first question I asked my friend was,” why did you betray me Dave?”. The reply I got was unexpected. He told me that he did not know how and when he betrayed me! Then after I narrated him what I heard, he told me, that he was mistaken.

 He said,” I, did not tell that about your book, I was sharing a bad review that came on your website to him. I wanted to show him how everyone has a different opinion about your book. Moreover, the conversation we were having was not about you at all.”.

Then later when I checked my website, the same words I heard dave saying, we’re in a review given by someone else. I realized now, the fallacious opinion I had about my friend! I should have known that Dave would not do that and I now trust him even more. I was still worried regarding my 50th novel because it was due last week. I asked Dave about it. He said that he had found my novel in the car and he published it already in my name…

I do not know how to thank him. For, he saved my life by bringing me to the hospital and he published my 50th novel on his own before it was due! I was blessed to have him as my friend and I will make sure I never misunderstand him ever again…


It is a fact that we misunderstand people very often. It might be in your school, in your college, or even in your workplace. All I would suggest is that you should not come to a conclusion before you hear or know that the information you got is true or not. It is important to have trust in your loved ones. Always believe in your good friends and your parents because they will be with you till the end of your life…

# Believe your mates

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