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I decided to get started on a long journey dropping a few visits in a variety of exotic locales. All the whereabouts I paid a visit to were enthralling in their own way. Seeing the busy streets of Mumbai, the city of dreams, I was flabbergasted by how lifestyle meets culture there. My visit to the scenic splendor and exquisite monuments of Jammu and Kashmir, the paradise on earth, was a breathtaking experience!

The paradise on earth
The city of dreams
The city of festivals
The city of destiny

I was lost in wonder seeing the phenomenal beaches in 
Vishakapatnam, the city of destiny. The historical excellence and divine temples of Madurai, the city of festivals, filled my heart with spirituality! Despite all these sensational travel experiences, I find one place more divine and spectacular than any other location I visited and that is my hometown Kerala!

In my childhood days, most of my time during summer vacations were spent in Kerala at my grandparents’ house. I was in awe of the way people lived together in joint families! It was an ever astonishing sight to see the humans avail the nature rather than hindering its growth! Sooner or later then,  I fell in love with the scenic beauty and unique culture of Kerala. Not surprising why Kerala is called ‘The gods own country’.

Every visit I make to the state is made more entrancing by the tropical coconut trees which have their own way of giving pleasure. The cool and bracing breeze of these trees soothes my nerves each time it strikes. During the day, a stirring emotion evolves as I see the sun sparkle overhead the bunch of coconut trees. At night, the surrounding falls under complete silence sparing us time to hear the chirping insects and the swaying branches of coconut trees! No wonder why Keralam means ‘Land of coconuts’.

Along with the atmosphere and the culture of Kerala, I also find its cuisine to be distinctive compared to other southern territories. All my visits to my hometown are made complete by a mouth-watering and flavorsome meal cooked by my grandparents. Their long experience in cooking makes their dish even more tempting to eat! I would never miss any traditional food of Kerala cooked by my grandparents because the food is totally luscious! 

Tasty, hot, and spicy fish curry and rice! 

While I and my family wait for our food in the dining hall, I always scent the aroma from my grandmother’s steaming and savory fish curry. When it is served with hot rice, that is the best meal combo I could ever think of! I have no words to describe the spicy and hot spices in the gravy. I have no doubt why Kerala is called the ‘Spice Garden of India’.  

The best part of my stay has always been the pleasant, homely, and cozy feeling that runs around the atmosphere. For, it is my hometown indeed. I have been longing to visit Kerala again for a long time and I would never miss a chance to be back there. The pleasurable surroundings and the intimate feeling makes the state seem just like the heavens…


I think you will have your favorite place too…
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