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How to balance kids screen time? This is the most difficult question that almost every parent asks. There are a lot of disadvantages of using screens all the time. If you are seeking some tips to balance your kids’ screen time then this article is just for you. So, have a look:

Set limits:

If you have toddlers in your home, then it is must set limits to screen time. Young children usually sleep around 8 to 10 hours a day. Therefore, it is essential for you to set screen time in a way that their walking and playing time isn’t affected. Don’t allow them more than 1-2 hours to use screen.

Keep proper balance:

Setting limits is the first and most important step one must take, but how your child spends their rest of the time? Children learn a lot from their surroundings. Send your child outside to play with other kids or you can also take them to the park so that they will interact with the real world and explore it and also it keeps them away from screens.


Exercise is really important, even for a toddler. Kids love to take part in different competitions. Take your kids to the park; ask them to take part in different competitions that help them in physical fitness. These physical fitness exercises help kids in developing confidence, self-regulation and focus.


Swimming is one of the best exercises for children of all ages. It helps children to become flexible and build bone mass. Almost all kids love to swim and play in the pool.

According to the latest research, kids who swim have 50% less death rate as compare to kids who don’t swim. So if your child loves to swim, then let it be, it increases their life length.

Choose appropriate media:

If your child has a permission to watch television then make sure that the media they choose must be appropriate to their age limit. Keep an eye on to your kids when they are watching television or using mobile phone, etc. According to the research in appropriate programs can create a negative impact on the kids and might create sleep problems.

Balancing screen time:

As a parent, it is totally on to you to balance your kids’ screen time if you really want your kid active and learn from the real life. Screen and technology today is no doubt an integral part of one’s life, but it is extremely necessary to keep the screen time balance, otherwise it will negatively affect on the mind of the kids. Whenever your child uses screen keep an open eye onto them so they might not see or use any inappropriate material.

Engage your kids as much as you can in different physical exercises. Take them outside and let them make friends with other children of their age. It helps them increase their confidence and also have a lot of physical and emotional benefits.

Look out the exercises and activities that don’t bore your kids. By adopting few tips giving above, you can easily be able to balance your kids’ screen time. All it needs proper attention and you will see a positive change in your child.

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